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Top 10 Music Videos in 2015

Here comes the annual list of my favorite music video. It's so fun to do these lists. :)

10. Hillary Duff - Sparks. A very fun and colorful video. :) ♥

9. Luka Nizetic - Amsterdam. I adore his videos. :) ♥

8. Rihanna - American Oxygen. Powerful!

7. Fahrenhaidt - Wildfire [feat. Emmelie de Forest]. Magical sound and video. ^^

6. Taylor Swift - Style. The song, the video, the atmosphere... beautiful. ♥ :)

5. Molly Sanden - Like No One's Watching. Love Molly's videos. :)

4. Zara Larsson - Lush Live. Wanna dance at this song every single time. ^^

3. Eminem - Phenomenal. A phenomenal video. ;)

2. Demi Lovato - Waiting For You. This song is so strong and the video intesifies it even more. Love it.

1. Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods Just in time, this amazing video marked 2015. Definetly should be on my no.1 cause it is so wonderfully done and has a very meaningful message.
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